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Purification process small-scale SBR sewage treatment plants

Purification process small-scale SBR sewage treatment plants

Whereas the stages of preliminary sedimentation, biological purification and final sedimentation are operated consecutively in conventional treatment systems, this process takes place in a tank in the case of the SBR sewage treatment system. The purification process (cycle) is carried out in four phases:

  • Filling
  • Aeration
  • Excess sludge removal
  • Sedimentation
  • Clear water extraction

Multichamber septic tanks normally consist of three chambers, with two quarter chambers used for preclarification and as buffer space. The actual clarification process takes place in the SBR reactor (half chamber).
In phase 1 the SBR reactor is filled with sewage water. In phase 2 the aerator then agitates the water and enriches it with oxygen, which the microorganisms need for the biological purification process. In phase 3 aeration is switched off. As the water subsequently settles, the microbiological flakes of sludge sink to the bottom. As clear water forms at the top during phase 4 it is pumped from the sewage treatment plant.
These four phases are repeated continuously, with three 8-hour cleaning cycles carried out every day.