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Overload storage LKT-BIOretentionsspeicher

LKT-BIOretentionsspeicher on Wednesday and Thursday
LKT-BIOretentionsspeicher on Friday
LKT-BIOretentionsspeicher on Saturday
LKT-BIOretentionsspeicher on Sunday
LKT-BIOretentionsspeicher on Monday and Tuesday

The overload storage LKT-BIOretentionsspeicher is suitable for disposal of objects with short-term fluctuations in load (overload), for example Guesthouses or hotels, and is combined with the following SBR wastewater treatment plants:

  • LKT-BIOvario
  • LKT-BIOregio


Product advantages

New system
The concrete tanks are supplied in ring or solid construction.

The overload storage can be combined with existing SBR treatment plants and the installation of pumping equipment in an existing tank is also possible.

Ready to plug in
The control system and the individual power units are connected with plugs. Parts can be replaced more cheaply and quickly as a result.

The control system of the overload storage LKT-BIOretentionsspeicher has the following features:

  • Operating hours
  • Visual and acoustic alarm system
  • LCD display
  • Mains-independent fault message module
  • Serial interface (RS232) for PC connection

The standard cable length is 15m.

Delivery includes

  • Reinforced concrete tank (ring or solid construction) as a overload storage
  • Buffer pump with special 3-chamber protection (shaft seal)
  • TÜV-certified control system with microprocessor, LCD display, visual and acoustic alarm system, mains-independent fault message module
  • Easy-to-assemble watertight connections (no tools required)
  • Installation, operating and maintenance instructions