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SBR small sewage treatment plant LKT-BIOregio
LKT-BIOregio with overload storage and house

The LKT-BIOregio offers the advantages of fully automatic SBR sewage treatment plant.
The air entry is made, however, by a outside compressor and aerators, which are located on the bottom of the SBR reactor.

Supply volume: 1 - 50 Population Equivalent

Approved for effluent categories: C, D, D+P and D+H in concrete tank.

Product advantages

New system
The concrete tanks are supplied in ring or solid construction.

Can be installed in the existing tank by means of partition or chain suspension. Fully automatic height adjustment means that the structure of the existing tank no longer needs to be changed.

Ready to plug in
The control system and the individual power units are connected with plugs. Parts can be replaced more cheaply and quickly as a result.

Load fluctuations
Load fluctuations are best accommodated by the LKT-BIOregio. Should underload occur on a sustained basis, the sewage treatment system automatically adjusts to the relevant situation and population. The system thus functions fully automatically in any load situation.
The water level is measured via dynamic pressure. This is also used to regulate the small sewage treatment system for normal, economy and holiday operation.

Activated aeration
Activated aeration is carried out in line with requirements. In this way energy savings of up to 30% can be made in comparison to conventional SBR sewage treatment systems.

Sampling facility
The LKT-BIOregio small-scale SBR treatment system has integrated sampling.

The control system of the LKT-BIOregio has the following features:

  • Operating hours
  • Visual and acoustic alarm system
  • LCD display
  • Mains-independent fault message module
  • Serial interface (RS232) for PC connection

The standard cable length is 15m.

The small sewage treatment system can be upgraded

  • LKT-BIO-C Under load module
  • LKT-BIO-P Phosphate module
  • LKT-BIO-H Disinfection
  • Remote data transmission
  • Back-pressure protection

Delivery includes

  • SBR multichamber septic tank in the form of reinforced concrete tank (ring or solid construction)
  • Submersible motor-driven pumps with special 3-chamber protection (shaft seal)
  • Low noise compressor
  • Plate or tube diffuser
  • TÜV-certified control system with microprocessor, LCD display, visual and acoustic alarm system, mains-independent fault message module
  • Easy-to-assemble watertight connections (no tools required)
  • Installation, operating and maintenance instructions