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LKT-BIO-H Desinfection

The LKT-BIO-H desinfection enhances the proven technology of LKT-BIO with a UV unit. The LKT-BIO-H desinfection provides you with a sewage treatment system that can be used in water protection areas and limestone karst regions where treatment methods to date have proved inadequate.

The LKT-BIO-H desinfection can be installed in concrete and plastic systems. As with the LKT-BIOvario, the control unit is situated in the building or in an outdoor enclosure next to the sewage treatment plant.

All customers who already own a sewage treatment system from the LKT-BIOsol, vario or regio model series, and who are officially required to comply with the purification standards of effluent category +H, can achieve this by retrofitting the UV module.

Mode of operation of the LKT-BIO-H desinfection
As with the LKT-BIOvario, the purified water is pumped away in cycles by a clear water pump in the H Module. The water flows through the UV module before reaching the outlet.
This module has a UV lamp, which disinfects the water. The module housing is made of high-grade steel to ensure that no UV rays escape. This guarantees that optimum use is made of UV radiation as the water flows through the reactor so that it can work effectively.
The UV light kills off pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, germs etc.) present in the wastewater.