Ihr starker Partner für

zuverlässige Abwassertechnik

Small sewage treatment systems up to 50 PE

Wastewater purification with many plus factors
Lausitzer Klärtechnik is your first choice of partner in all regions with domestic wastewater purification when it comes to small-scale sewage plants using fully biological treatment methods.

We use concrete, a near-natural building material. It is corrosion-resistant, durable, has enormous compressive strength and is ideally suited to high levels of groundwater.

Our purification systems fall substantially short of statutory threshold values. They use the best available technologies to achieve the highest purification standards of any small sewage treatment systems. Our product development is perfectly prepared to meet the stricter EU wastewater norms of the future.

In addition, we guarantee compliance with the following criteria:

  • Nitrogen removal
  • Phosphorus elimination (optional)
  • Disinfection (optional)

Our small sewage treatment systems satisfy the demands of the Fachverband Kleinkläranlagen aus Beton [association for small concrete sewage treatment plants]. All the key elements are recorded and certified by a quality management system, and carry a logo to remove any doubts.

A small sewage treatment plant from LKT provides you with one of the four most reliable products currently licensed in Germany.

The LKT product portfolio currently includes the following different systems:

  • SBR treatment systems LKT-BIO

Learn more about how small-scale sewage treatment systems work.