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Pumping station LKT-GARIO
Pumping station LKT-GARIO with parking

Ready-to-install sewage pumping stations in the "LKT-GARIO" series are used in the private, commercial and community sectors, where it is necessary to siphon off wastewater and faecal matter.
Ready-to-install sewage pumping stations have become accepted and have superseded earlier versions composed of many individual parts and with various tradesmen required on-site. They are delivered to the building site complete with all fittings for inclusion in the pumps. With good preparation a pumping station can be put in place within a day, including any extra work.

Shaft system series: LKT-GARIO
Structures in the "LKT-GARIO" series come in four versions:

  • 1.00 m inside diameter with one pump,
  • 1.50 m inside diameter with two pumps,
  • 2.00 m inside diameter with two pumps and
  • 2.50 m inside diameter with two pumps.

The choice of pump shaft system is geared towards the relevant requirements, first and foremost towards the volume of sewage and the pumps duly selected for this purpose. The volume of sewage determines the pumps. Larger pumps on request.
One or two pumps must be used depending on the individual application. However, two pumps are generally necessary in order to eliminate the risk of back-pressure or overflow if one pump is faulty.
It is highly unlikely that both pumps will break down simultaneously.
The pump shaft design is determined by the volume of sewage and overall size of the pumps. The choice is easy if reserve storage volume is needed - the bigger the better. However, the volume of sewage is often very low, particularly in the case of pumping stations removing faecal matter only. Short holding times in the pump shaft are important in order to prevent fouling.

DN 80, 100, 150 or 200 pressure pipes and fittings are used in accordance with the installed pumps. Everything is built in ready assembled in the base shaft of the pump station, so only the pumps still need to be installed on the building site.
Our special skid pipe base means that any make of pump can be used. It is therefore possible to change the make of pump at any time without altering the skid pipe base. This advantage brings independence for our customers and LKT.
All fittings, including check valves, sliders, skid pipe bases and pressure pipes are GG 25 cast iron.
With all LKT-GARIO shafts the pump stations are designed to be climbed by a high-grade steel access ladder. The pump station can support live loads up to Cl. D and installation depths up to 10 m.

We can give you appropriate recommendations based on our decades of experience with pumps. You will thus benefit from our considered selection.

Our pump control systems are ready-for-connection pump switching devices for wall mounting or installation in outdoor enclosures or outdoor pillars. They have been developed to control submersible motor-driven pumps with and without explosion protection and are adapted to the specific requirements of customers. Water levels are measured by using the dynamic pressure or air bubble methods, float assemblies or submersible probes.

Blow-out device
A compressor to blow out the system is recommended for some premises. We have complete systems for this purpose that can be placed in a cellar, an underground shaft or in an aboveground equipment cabinet.

Pump monitoring/Maintenance
An annual inspection is recommended.

Maintenance contract
Our Customer Service Department undertakes one annual inspection under the terms of a maintenance contract.